Wednesday 4-29-15 – CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga
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Wednesday 4-29-15

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  1. I will be the first to comment…:)

    It’s crazy how fast we all forget how far everyone has come, when we’re around them everyday!

    Scott has obviously made some incredible changes in his life using CrossFit & Diet…and there are so many of you in this gym with similar stories that we tend to forget about how INCREDIBLE it is to do something like this with your life…

    So Shelly and I would love for you to send us your photos, and share with us your story.

  2. Jeff K. #185 squat clean PR #53 SPU PR row: 1:33 : )
    Melisa B. #90 squat clean PR 1 – BB Pull-up PR 2:08
    Jessika 125# squat clean PR, banded strict pus, 1:46 row
    Dugas 205# squat clean, Blue KB Pull-up, 1:38 Row
    Corey: #255, #115, 1:30
    Peggie Dl 135 lb Pullups blue purple band 500 row 2:14
    Adam #220 PU 52.5lb Row 1:40
    Nick F. #235 Clean, #35PU, 1:34 Row

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