Wednesday 12-28-11 – CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga
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Wednesday 12-28-11

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  1. Nancy

    Alright friends – now i’m just as upset about it as you are but its time we all come to terms with the fact that Christmas is over…….if you haven’t given your final gift to your Secret Santa then you need to pull it together and stop ruining Christmas.

    Also….if you have gifts here…ie. Bridgette, Maria, Tanya (really Tanya?), Luis C, THE ENTIRE GILMARTIN FAMILY, Abel, Ari, Ivy, Paul, Stephanie, Nirav, Josh, Adriane, Rachel and Erik….please come pick them up…..if they are not picked up buy the end of the week then we will be donating them to the goodwill (and by goodwill I mean my house)

    There is also a mysterious Victorias Secret back with 2 gift cards in it and no name….if you gave that gift to someone let us know who that is for. Thanks 🙂

  2. 530 class

    Enrique 395# 27:49rx
    Craig 305# 28:16rx
    JD 475# 22:42rx
    Josh H. 455# 22:09rx
    Binley 26:19rx
    Dustin 265# 26:40rx
    Nirav 245# 24:21rx
    Luis 24:37rx
    Dee 30:20rx

  3. 630

    Ali 315# 27:20rx
    Joe B 375# 28:26rx
    Philip 285# 25:20rx
    Cliff 385# 256:12rx
    Maria 135# 31:17rx
    Nathan 275# 26:27rx
    Matt 335# 24:54rx
    Peyton 27:53rx
    Jeff 24:21rx

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