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Wednesday 02-08-12

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  1. Mike j

    Interesting link LaMarre. I think with a different diet, he would have noticed a different result, perhaps swaying his negative view at the end…

  2. 430

    robert 12:08rx
    Brandon 13:06 rx
    Kristen M 14:02rx
    Nick 13:15rx
    Nirav 12:38rx
    cookie 14:36rx
    kelsy 16:12rx
    Anna 12:50rx
    Ivy 16:50rx
    Mike V. 10:47 rx
    Trevor 10:47rx

    Craig 14:20rx (tyler)

    530 (first half)

    Gretchen 21:49rx
    Mike 15:03rx
    Jackie 15:12rx
    Kristine (row only..injured)
    Anthony 11:23rx
    Jason 14:25rx
    Ernesto 11:52rx
    Nate 15:09 rx
    Craig 14:24rx

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