Wednesday 01-11-12 – CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga
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Wednesday 01-11-12

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  1. Wayne

    Hi Everybody,

    I have two tickets for tonight’s Ontario Reign Hockey game at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. If you’re not familiar with the team you can check it out here No charge for the tickets I just don’t want them to go to waste. Shoot me a text or email if your interested 909-767-1830 [email protected].


  2. Landun 19 +1pc (135)
    Melisssa 19 +2pu (105/knee pu’s)
    Jason 20 +1pc rx
    Drew 23 +3pc rx
    Scott 26 (125)
    Paul 16 rx+vest
    Peyton 17 (95)
    Craig 19+3pc rx
    Joe 18 rx
    Amy 14 +3pc (95)
    Jon 23 rx+185lbs

    Great Job everyone!

  3. I knew you would Josh!!! When you get your 50…then you’re cool:):) And no…I’ve never gotten 50, so I remain “un cool”…But I should try one day…

  4. Robin 14 blue pull-ups/ 19 rds 75#/knee pushups
    Anna 18 pullups rx/ 20 rds 95# or rx??
    Raquel 25 green pull-ups/16rds knee pu
    Nirav 7 bar mu/19 rds 95#
    Brad 30 pullups rx/ 21 rds 115#
    Todd 23 rds rx

  5. 1730
    Joe-5 mu/18 Rx’d
    Nick-4 mu/18 Rx’d
    Jason-4 mu/28+3PC Rx’d
    Anthony-1 mu/18 135#
    Jessie-2 Pull-ups/15+3PC Rx’d
    Jason-4 Pull-ups(blue)/12+3PC 145#
    Christina-19+6 Push-ups 35#
    Jodie-18+2 squats 75#
    Ivy-11+1 squat 95#
    Gaby-8 Pull-ups(red)/22+3PC 65#
    Nick P-23+3PC Rx’d
    Kevin-13+3 squats Rx’d
    Mike-8 Pull-ups(blue)/15 Rx’d
    Randi-26+3PC Rx’d
    Kelsey-13+1PC 75#

    Adam-4 mu/18 135#
    Nick-8 mu/24+1 push-up Rx’d
    Abel-5 mu/20 Rx’d
    Lorena-6 pull-ups/20+2 PC 95#
    Dee-3 mu/21+1PC Rx’d
    Matt-15 Pull-ups/20 Rx’d
    Joe B-7 pull-ups(red)/12 Rx’d
    Ali-13 pull-ups/14+2PC 135#
    Phillip-14 pull-ups(blue)/15+1 squat
    Erin-17 (dips+squats alternating) Rx’d
    Eric-22 115#
    Valentina-16+1PC 55#
    Bryan-15 Rx’d
    Jake-9 pull-ups(black)/9+2PC 95#
    Mariana-18 35#
    Craig-15+3 squats 95#
    Katie-10 35#
    Becca-27+3 PC 65#

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