Thursday 08-02-12 – CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga
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Thursday 08-02-12

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  1. 6AM
    Donny: 13:10 rx wight 2 ab mats hspu
    shelley: 15:38 #75, box hspu
    Ana P 15:35 #100 modified HSPU
    Vanessa 16:15 #65 modified HSPU
    Floyd 15.25 #155 2 ab mats HSPU
    Jamie: 16:06 #115 Box HSPU
    Robin 15:56 >13″, 125#, 2ab mat

  2. Come on…everyone knows my answer…If you don’t have these qualities…you’re not a man (or woman for that matter). society has “dulled” down these qualities for years, and has made people more concerned with themselves and “immediate gratification”…instead of putting the importance on “Doing what’s right, and protecting those around you that DO WHAT’S RIGHT”. These qualities are:

    Loyalty and integrity…

    Buzz words for most, but a lifetime struggle of commitment for me and my family. If I only teach my son one thing in life, it will be the possession of such qualities…from COUNTING ALL HIS REPS in a CrossFit workouts, to having to stand up for what he believe’s in, even if it’s hard for those around him to hear it.

    oh…and one other lesson I’ll teach him…”Facebook isn’t where you tell your family you love them…you actually have to tell us in person”.

    Good question Nancy…

  3. 1500 HRS:
    Tom H. 16:46 w/135# rest rx
    mehdi 21:@5 w/135#

    Brandon N. 20:17 W/115#
    Natalie 19:41 65# hand stand/ push up
    binley 22:24 95# hspu 1 ab mat first 2 rounds 2mats last two rounds
    Joyce 14:53 85#/ GHD
    Coach Erik-5:30 Rx’d
    Raymond 14:59 135# 1 ab mat
    Coach Dave A 5:50 rx’d
    Jana V: 15:25 #65, hshold/pu
    Mike C. 6:54 rx
    Pari 14:05 65# box-hspu
    Thomas: 18:42 135# abmat hspu x2
    Mike L. 10:57 #135 abmat x1
    Jamie 25:03rx, Thank you Nancy, Eric, Dave and Nick for helping me get through that!

  4. 600 class

    Rachel R- 16:53 95# RX hspu!! 1 mat then 2
    Leslie J – 14:48 75# box handstand p/ups
    Mike F – 14:26, 135#, HSPU’s on box
    Chris C – 15:43, 135# (30 instead of 20 rounds, oops, HSPU with box
    Anthony 17:35 RX
    Kristine 15:19 85#, HSPU’s on box
    Tanya 12:35 Rx
    Craig N. 14:21 RX
    Coach Mike V 8:56RX

  5. 7:00pm

    Cecy 10:34 (high reach, kb dl, shoulder press)
    Mel 12:45 (box hspu)
    David L 11:57 (95lb dl low box hspu, impf form)
    Sergio 11:10 rx, box hspu
    Heidi 13:11 box hspu
    fercia 14:03 box hspu
    Todd Porter: 11:35RX
    Nicole 11:13 box hspu
    Sagie 19;41 box 65lbs
    Cliff: 12:20 RX
    ALI 11:16 #185
    Gaby 16:14 deadlift and jumps rx hspu 2 ab mats
    brad: 12:00 deadlift 105 jumps rx box
    Coach Nancy – 11:19rx

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