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Shelly Mielke

Shelly Mielke


Favorite WOD
To tell you the truth, I love them all. Some are great and some are humbling. I need them both, because it only makes me stronger.

Least Favorite WOD
“Eva”- is a whole lot of “holy hell”! I don’t like doing it or coaching it, it’s brutal to watch.

Time CrossFitting
Does doing it in your backyard, while my husband is yelling at me to get closer to the stucco wall because my squats suck, count? I started dabbling in it right before we decided to start our own CrossFit Box in November of 2008.

What is CrossFit
It’s a cult of good looking guys working out with thier shirts off, the girls wearing spandex shorts with knee high socks, and everyone having a good ole’ time. j/k!

Workout Music of choice
A little bit of Hip-Hop.