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Dan Mielke

Dan Mielke


Favorite WOD
“Nancy”- In my first SoCal Qualifier, we had to do 90 overhead squats which killed me. Since then, I’ve told myself that I will not let them defeat me…I look forward to them now.  Also, I really like Coach Nancy

Least Favorite WOD
“Fight Gone Bad”- I always end up sick.

Time CrossFitting
I started at my fire station in 2007, then moved into the park, then moved into a garage and now, 3 years later I’ve been able to move my members into a beautiful 7000sqft training facility.

What is CrossFit
Life Changing…Oh…and “constantly varied, functional movement, done at high intensity”! But if you ask anyone that has been doing CrossFit for more than 3 months, they’ll say the same thing “LIFE CHANGING”!

Workout Music of choice
Really depends on the mood I’m in. But usually something with a beat. But as soon as I’m done with the workout, I can’t stand the music being loud. Don’t ask me why.