Monday 10-13-14 – CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga
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Monday 10-13-14

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  1. Joyce

    Yes!! They are!! I’ve actually come a long way. I’ve connected up to 60, they’re still choppy, but I don’t modify them for other things in workouts anymore, and I don’t do them one at a time. Now I look forward to them! Next time you visit Brad, I may just look like a champ doing them!

  2. 9AM
    Alex 18:09 75/PU
    Andy 14:33 75/PU
    Anna 18:00 55/Blu
    Frank 16:25 95/Red
    Kacey 14:45 55/Red
    Margie 14:15 45/Red
    Marguerite 14:15 15/Grn
    Matt 13:31 RX
    Maynard 14:16 75/Grn
    Mike 17:15 75/PU
    Sabrina 15:24 25/RR
    Paul S 13:23 RX
    Cindy 12:48 Purple
    Nicole 15:55 45/Red

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