Friday 01-13-12 – CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga
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Friday 01-13-12

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  1. Nancy

    It’s the big birthday party this weekend – the beautiful birthday girls Binley, Shuttles, and Autumn will all be celebrating this Saturday night 7:30pm at Binley’s house – 5749 Eaglewood Place in Rancho – Las Vegas Style – show up in your favorite Vegas Attire and be ready to have a good time! Like we have said before – if you are friends with one of the birthday girls….or you are friends with someone who is friends with one of the birthday girls we would love to have you there 🙂

  2. Vince 7:33,7:16,6:59 rx
    Ashleigh 7:56,7:56,7:56 rx (I dont know how she did this, maybe cause she is just soo damn amazing:)
    Toni 9:24,9:00,9:33 rx
    Casey 8:55,9:30,9:00 rx
    MOnica and Baby:) 9:41,10:05,10:06 rx
    Brad 7:01,7:22,7:41 rx

  3. Joe B’s 35th Birthday Wod!!!

    1 mile run
    35 Power Cleans #135
    35 Push Press #135
    35 Burpees
    1 mile run

    Hold on there is more:) He wore a 35# vest the whole entire time. Wahoooooo!!!! Great job Joe Joe. Happy Birthday with love from Crossfit RC Baby:)

    Wod time: 1.02:34 rx

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