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Monday 01-30-12

8 Responses

  1. 3:30
    Craig 9:30 RX co [email protected]
    Mel 8:29 (blu) co [email protected] 🙂
    Jason A 8:15 (kip) co [email protected]
    Drew 9:40 (kip) co [email protected]
    Scott 8:42 RX co [email protected]
    Josh 8:32 (hspu,135#)
    Bryant 15:15 (L rom) co [email protected]
    Chris 9:47 (L rom) co [email protected]
    Mark 14:27 (95,grn) co [email protected]
    Jana V 6:35 (75, grn) co [email protected]#
    Elizabeth 10:10 (95,grn) co [email protected]#
    Dave J 9:37 RX co [email protected]
    Raymond 12:27 (L rom, 135) co [email protected]

    Joe Joe
    1.5 KB Swings
    135 PushPress
    9:30 RX

    co [email protected]

  2. Kristen M. 8:43 105#, blue (10)
    Brittani 7:12 65#, green (8)
    Ari 8:11 105#, blue (7)
    Joe B. 11:42 205# (6)
    Nirav 12:18 185# (3)
    Schwaby 12:51rx
    Matt 13:22rx (6)
    Kelsy 12:21 115#, green kip (6)
    Ami 14:03 105#, blue
    Nathan 13:45 green, 135 (7)
    Nick Y 10:05rx (7)
    Nancy 15:16 rx (8)
    Suttles 15:10 155-135 reb/blue and some kip (4)
    Nick 11:50 135# (6)
    Brandon 11:55 135#, blue (6)
    Ivy 15:24 green
    Dave A 7:54rx

  3. Josh P.

    I am raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project by running in the Tough Mudder race on Feb. 25th in So Cal. I have a team of 11 people joining me for this insane race with electric shock, fire, ice, mud, and probably some blood. I have created a fundraising page for anyone that would like to help me reach my fundraising goal. All proceeds go to help injured service members that need assistance after returning home from defending our freedom. We all owe them more than you know. A little donation could help make a difference to someone struggling with one less arm, or no legs, etc. You may not agree with the war, as many do, but we can all agree that these men and women have risked theirs lives for us. Thanks for your support in advance.

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