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Wednesday 8-17-16


Wednesday 8-17-16


30x DB snatch, alternating (70#/50#)

10x box jump over (40/30)

20x DB snatch, alternating (70#/50#)

-20x box jump over (30/24)

-10x DB snatch, alternating (70#/50#)

-30x box jump over (24/20)


Our team at CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga is proud to offer challenging and exciting indoor Cycling classes. Competitive Edge Cycle consist of state of the art bikes, awesome lighting, performance fitness software and much MORE! All this is done through a fast paced, high intensity cycling class taught by Rancho’s best instructors. We even track your individual performance for each class so you know you’re getting FITTER!

Click here for the CE Cycle schedule.

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  1. Coach Shelly's Class

    Blake”s Bye Bye Wod
    Luis 95# 56:10
    Cynthia 45# 53:11
    Racheal Mod
    Viv 85# 43:16
    Blake 95# 47:48
    Alex 95#
    Lou 95#
    Joey 95#
    Paul 95# 49:50

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