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Tuesday 5-10-16


Tuesday 5-10-16


21 Deadlifts, 800m Run, 84 Double-Unders
15 Deadlifts, 400m Run, 60 Double-Unders
9 Deadlifts, 200m Run, 36 Double-Unders

For Time


Bench press: 10 rounds – Every 2:30 minutes, complete:

-3x bench press superset with max rep strict pull/chin up (Work up to a max for the day in the bench press, and for the superset, odd rounds do pull ups and even round chin ups.)

*After your 10th set, perform, 1x max rep bench press with an empty barbell.


[styledbox type=”warning” align=”center”]The Competitive Edge BootCamp classes are here! Come join Coach Joyce Mon-Fri 5AM, 7AM or 8AM, Sat 8AM, for 45 minutes of booty burning badassness!!! [/styledbox]

[styledbox type=”information” align=”center”]New morning hours: (Mon-Fri)

5AM Bootcamp and Open Gym

6AM CrossFit Class

7AM Bootcamp (only)

8AM Bootcamp (only)

9AM CrossFit Class

10AM CrossFit Class


[styledbox type=”download” align=”center”]May Events:

May 16th: Nectar Juice Bar sample station (details coming)

May 30th: Memorial Day Hero WOD, Open Gym 9AM-11AM


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