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Thursday 7-28-16


Thursday 7-28-16



Hearts = AbMat Sit-Ups
Diamonds = Goblet Squats (53/35)
Spades = Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
Clubs = Burpees

Jokers – 200m Run

Cards 2-10 are face valued.

Face cards are 11 reps.

Aces are 12 reps.

The workout is a 25 min AMRAP. The entire class will be separated, by the coach, into 4 to 5 teams. Each team will have a deck of cards. Each team member will grab a single card from their deck and complete the corresponding exercise and reps. Once completed, the team member will return the card to the deck and grab a new card repeating the process for the 25 minutes. If a Joker is pulled from the deck, the team member yells, “run!”. The entire team stops what they are doing and runs 200m together. When the team returns from the run each member continues where they left off.  The team with the most decks/cards gone thru over the 25 min wins.

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  1. Coach Shelly's Class

    Kayla, casey,kendra,rachel,Lucky Lou 2+35 rx
    Lamarre,Viv, Ken, Leslie, Brynn
    Ed, Victor, Candice, Anna,Andrea,Sarah

    Paulie,Evangelina,Madison, Matt 2+21 rx
    Luis, Racheal, Joey 1+42 rx

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