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Friday 8-12-16


Friday 8-12-16


Athletes choose (1) from each section:

1) 1-Rep Squat Test
Front Squat, Back Squat, or Overhead Squat

2) Gymnastics Test
Max Ring Muscle-Ups, Max Pull-Ups, or Max Handstand Pushups

3) Conditioning Test
500m Row for Time


1: Clean Barbell Cycling: 4 minutes of:

-Position work with an empty barbell.

*For this new movement, take an empty barbell and for 4 minutes, just work positions with the mind set of slow is smooth, smooth is fast. For example, go from you start position, to below the knee, to the hang/above the knee, to mid-thigh, to down, to finish, to muscle clean, to front squat, to Sots press, stand, high hang, down, then repeat in any order or fashion. There is a difference in going through the motions, versus feeling the positions. “Feel” each position for at least 1 full second before moving to the next.

2: Muscle clean – Work up to a max single for the day

3: Power clean + clean and jerk: 10 rounds – every 2 minutes, complete:

-1x power clean + 1x clean and split jerk (Work up to a max for the day. No misses so keep it light, fast and crisp)


Our team at CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga is proud to offer challenging and exciting indoor Cycling classes. Competitive Edge Cycle consist of state of the art bikes, awesome lighting, performance fitness software and much MORE! All this is done through a fast paced, high intensity cycling class taught by Rancho’s best instructors. We even track your individual performance for each class so you know you’re getting FITTER!

Click here for the CE Cycle schedule.


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